Sunday, December 21, 2008

Plagiarism And Your Website

Recently while searching links related to my own Website, I came across a strange but familiar URL. It was the URL of my website, except it had a dash (-) after the word job, and in front of the word site. I do these Google searches from time to time by simply entering my website name minus the www., and so forth. This gives me a reasonably accurate measurement of who is linking back to me, and the Sites I get my traffic from.

After clicking on this link my brain went numb. Some total Jerk had apparently copied my whole Site, except for most of my adsense, and top header Logo. All my pages where there, from just over 2 months ago, when the culprit put his foul deed into action. The discovery of this was more than a shock, and a bitter realization that nothing is sacred and completely vulnerable to anyone with an Internet connection!

To the time of this writing, I have always heard of Web content and articles being copied. But never a whole Website!

Foul balls lurk everywhere, and it is up to the Site owner to make sure their copyrights are safe. I never thought this happen to me, it is kind of like winning the lottery, or maybe not, as I do have a popular Website with good rankings. Being preyed upon is very upsetting indeed. Also the ruling and repercussion aspect of nailing these headaches is very vague. So what did I do about it?

I first did a whois check of the URL to find out exactly who or what was behind this morbid injustice.

Wois Domain Lookup

After finding out who or what owned the Site, (and probably a fake name, and no proper contact except in Chinese) I tried to contact the hosting company by email. I got sick of waiting so I went in by phone. This action produced results. I am not going to name the hosting company, as I am sure this happens to many of them, but after a short conversation with one of their representatives, the culprit’s account was suspended! At least for now I feel a bit resolved.

The Web host I dealt with told me that this has happened before, (obviously,) but I do wish Web hosting companies would take better measures in their approach to Plagiarism. It is within their terms of service to suspend accounts related to Spam, or this type of conduct, but no one will know unless it is reported. This means that this is up to you, the Website Publisher, to discover the atrocities laid out in your pathway to success. I have better things to do with my time than chase after Idiot’s.

It is hard enough these days to keep everything in check, including the home business update, and your Website is something that you hopefully take pride in. It is time consuming, and a lot of work to create original and thoughtful content, but every bit worthwhile. If you are an original content Website owner with concerns about Plagiarism, here is a handy tool I now discovered, that will help eliminate the thieves!

Fight Back Against Plagiarism

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is The Rich Jerk Just A Jerk?

Well I do not really know where to start with this home business update; Rich jerk, Jackass, or take an unbiased approach. Kelly Felix, AKA Rich Jerk, is still at it. Here is an interesting thread that dates back over a year, and is still seems to be going. The interesting thing is that it has gained Search results on the first page of Google for the keywords “rich jerk.”

Check it out at the digital point forums. If you read carefully, it will give you a few indicators as to why things happen. It should also give you a heads up as to your legal responsibilities as to infringement, or copyright.

This is also something you should be looking into if you are spending any time doing anything related to search engine optimization. If you are running out of techniques related to such, or just plain out of options, this thread can offer anyone with time to read, a bit of understanding of just what they are up against in the online world. Many people have built home business Empires of the Internet, and if you are one of the fortunate ones who are able to read between the lines, maybe you can too!

The Rich Jerk Really Suck? Find Out Here...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Home Based Solitude

Working from home on the computer has many advantages over the daily commute to the office, or other. And unless you have been living in the past, this for many of you is not new information. What is new in regards to home business is the way in which the ease of evolution has made it more convenient and vastly easier to start an online business.

I was very perplexed to read the other day about a person who did not enjoy the work at home atmosphere. She said that she enjoyed all the benefits associated with working at home, but missed the social aspect of interacting with friends from the office. No appreciation for something that most everyone want, home based solitude away from the rat race... Is she one of those weird people?

Practically any party you may attend will usually get to the topic of work, or what you do to survive, or how you make your money. And quite often the conversation will turn negative when co-workers are mentioned, or put into the picture. I can surely attest to this as it happens quite frequently, and I myself am no stranger to the horrible trade of bad mouthing co-workers. Past tense of course, because I am now able to work at home, be my own Boss, and function accordingly.

Working with others sucks, because most people usually do not have the option of whom they get to work with. But if you are fortunate enough to like the person you work with, you are very lucky indeed. Either that, or you are one of those people that piss-off the other person you work with, rightly so. I love my home-based solitude, and hope it never ends.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Things You Will Want Or Need To Run Your Home Business

Building your work from home business not only involves the right opportunity, but can have a few demands related to the basic requirements involved with doing it professionally. We will assume the following as follows.

-You have developed a passion to create, or get involved with an online business, and have a commitment to providing a good base for customer service.

-You have a plan to write a small business plan.

-You have a reasonably new computer with high-speed access, (this will make your job much easier) and have simple applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel installed.

-Have a basic knowledge of using Search Engines on the Internet, to find related competitors or information related to your business.

-You also have a realistic working knowledge of computers, and can write legible sentences and do basic arithmetic.

-Knowing your target market and audience is also the main key here. This goes hand in hand with your business development, and whom you are trying to attract.

Success in Web marketing does not happen by accident. Culminating and putting into perspective the above considerations, can be your framework and blueprint when designing a basic plan. Many success stories are the result of applied offline techniques, which may also utilize the same type of business plan execution.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Microsofts Adcenter Makes Home Business Money Online

In the World of PPC I really like the results I get from Microsoft Adcenter. I have encountered problems and less than desirable results with them in the past, but they seemed to have cleaned up their act. This is probably more evolutionary than revolutionary, however they continue to bring me quality traffic that pays the bills.

One thing you must always watch when advertising with MSN, is to monitor your cost per click with utter diligence. I am not trying to scare anyone here into thinking that your set Bid will be totally ignored, It is only that one must monitor how this is set up carefully. Adcenter can be a great traffic-generating machine, and when set up properly can make you sales and Income.

I generally receive the majority of my traffic via organic search. But paid search is a great way to start out and determine if you are going to make any money. This is all relevant to the way your site is set up, whether or not you have anything interesting to sell, you have targeted visitors, you promote the right programs, or so forth. It is also a great supplement to organic search.

I have seen many high traffic Websites go under, mainly because they have nothing to offer their Site visitors, and have a lame-targeted approach to online marketing. Once you understand your target audience and can offer them what they want. You will then have achieved fruition, and supplied the basic demand with a solution. This is practical Home Business at it’s best!

More About Microsoft adCenter

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Make Money Online Website

They make it look so easy don’t they. Television ads and countless Web sites boasting of the riches one can make from launching their own Site. If only our real and practical life were that simple. And with the now billions of websites all competing for attention, it is really not a simple task at all.

Online marketing however, is not reserved for people who study rocket science, or have elite backgrounds and are Harvard graduates. Any one who wishes to put forth a practical practice, and course of action, may indeed profit from the fruits of their labor. Total Web novices and dummies included. You just need to know how to drive customers to your Website, and convert them into customers. Simple enough?

Many people have taken their offline talents and techniques, and applied them to the Web. But in order to make their endeavors pay off they need traffic. Whether you are new to marketing online, or are a snub faced Guru, you know that cash is king and Web traffic is the answer. Only a Moron would think otherwise, but even people who self proclaim them-selves still do not get it. Procrastination will get you no-where.

There is also no simple or devout formula that is available for any one, at any price, concerning moneymaking strategies for success online. It is like an architect who thinks outside the basic formula of building any type of construction. They keep their customer base in mind, and strive to make something different, yet practical for their clients. But for Web marketing the real and only one in all solution can be found in the link below. You can pay for it now, or pay for it later, the choice is yours!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Strategies, Optimization, & Building More Of Everything

You will find some interesting information at sites like Canadian
business .com
and because I am Canadian, I recommend it as a great resource
that has many fine articles related to general business topics. You can also ask
experts like Calvin Leung, questions concerning your home business. This is
information, that needs not to be overlooked. As always try to gain as much
insight and expose yourself to as many new ideas as possible.

I just received an email from Wilson web with some new insights concerning web
marketing. This features some great topics such as getting your site listed on
Wikipedia, rethinking search key phrases, analytics, and optimizing your Web
presence for search. There are a lot of good tips and strategies you will find
here, and best of all it is free information. Most people will pay for less
useful promotional hype, but this is the real deal! Web
Marketing Today

I have also found some new sources for your home biz that not only
provide you with great information, but some nice tasty links that you can use
when commenting. This may be of great interest to you. I am currently analyzing home
business links and sources, so stay tuned for next weeks weekly update because I
promise that it will be an Entrepreneurs candy-land. Even the well informed and
experienced home based marketing pro’s need new and up to date sources on a
constant basis, so we all know what to expect…

Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Weeks Weekly Update

If you have ever been banned from your favorite blog, comment area from too many posts or otherwise, do not get wholehearted and too concerned. You can go to This is also great for hiding affiliate links, masking a banned url, or just simply re-directing traffic, or other ideas you may come up with. But on the subject of hiding your affiliate link, (the code you use to prove sales,) I have never been inclined to really use it. This is probably due to the fact that I use my own Website mostly to monetize my traffic, and make sales through my programs and so forth.

The many advantages of publishing your own Website are numerous, and only a fool would not take into account the pros, or weigh the options associated with it. I have also stated many times to date, that you can make money without a Website. But take a good look at any Internet Marketer who actually makes big money at this type of venture. Most in fact own Websites in the plural form, and with the available options of the ever-growing online community, even children are doing it!

But you can also direct your traffic to a blog, it is just usually less personal, especially the free ones, and even more so if you have to use the long URL approach. But this can also be a factor with Web entities these days, as the availability for good domain names has become increasingly rare, that is if you want a “.com.” The “.com” is most popular because it is easier to remember, and the first on the www. scene, or the advent of the World Wide Web.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Directory Submission Update

The directory submission service I talked about last week was, in my opinion, a pretty good investment. I received plenty of emails from directory owners / publishers, and I did not expect to receive mailings from all of them. This in my understanding and experience is because not all directories require email confirmation. But I am still receiving inclusion confirmations just the same, as some directories take a little longer for review.

I would also like to share with
you another little tidbit of information for those of you considering
email-marketing tactics. I have never been big on the idea of maintaining an
ezine list, or subscriber list just because of the extra workload. But this is
apparently the way a lot of experienced marketers make money. I will be
investigating more email market tactics in the near future as well. You can here
a good Webinar interview about this subject here


Just scroll down to half the page on the right hand side to Free Training
Webinar, and click the Download option.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Market Saturation & Keeping On Top

As of late, I came across a good article related to Internet Marketing, and the latest pitfalls associated with it. One of the most common problems that are of concern to most dedicated veteran marketers is market saturation. This is an overabundance of people offering the same programs and products. As affiliate marketers we need to be aware of this potential saturation on a steady basis.

Note: Sorry I lost the URL of the article, but I will just summarize it in a few words.

Searching for new programs and or products to market on an ongoing basis can be of paramount importance. We all want to serve new and exciting ads that are both fresh, and appealing. Such ad serving is related to both new and old customers who have already seen the same ads on other Sites. Your return traffic will also want something new. New ads are also helpful in building new content, and present new ways of maintaining revenue.

Last week I talked about a directory submission service that I tried out, and so far so good. I am getting more relative back links according to my site search. Only time will tell if it was really worth it, but once again I will keep you in tune with the developmental aspects of this project. For more information concerning Directory submissions, you can read below. You may also want to check out the many other services through Google search, but be sure to do your research before committing to a cash outlay!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Directory submission service

Submitting your Website to directories is a good way to build links to your business offerings or affiliate programs. Directory submissions can also get you more organic traffic, although not as good as the popular search engines, they can serve the purpose of increasing your popularity with them. There are also hundreds of free directories to submit your Site, but this can be a tedious and time-consuming task.

So just as the title of this segment suggests, I opted to use a directory
submission service. I am always very leery about using mostly any service that
is offered, especially online. But the thought of submitting to hundreds of
directories made me queasy, so I decided to farm this task out. This was a
decision made after reading about an offering from a company that caters to
directory submission, and after doing some research on
I bought a package deal of 150 inclusions for around $37.00.

So far so good, and I am receiving emails from directory publishers notifying me of inclusions into their Sites. This means that something is happening, and that they are indeed carrying through on their offer. Because of the fact that some companies or Individuals do not, I will keep an update posted here on the progress of this submission service, and relay my thoughts and experiences accordingly. In my opinion and after all things considered, a professional directory submission service that gets results at a fair price, is well worth it.

Note: I have chosen the slow submission mode that they offer, so as not to arouse suspicion with the S.E’s that may make me look like a Spam Site.

Free Places To Advertise

Everyone wants something for free, and finding free places to advertise your business or products is no different. Free advertising is obviously a cost effective way of promoting your business or Website. Here are a few free no cost places in which to advertise your home business, or any other online marketing projects.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Viral Marketing & Branding

Some new and improved developments have occurred over the past few weeks. For starters, I have submitted a new news release, in order to keep on top of my link building and community activity. Writing a good Press Release that becomes viral, (popular) and sends you a major amount of targeted traffic, is a great way to market your home business. Many people submit a press release on a regular basis from the knowledge they gain just from experience.

I also came across a good article on viral marketing that has some really good advice and delivers some insightful thoughts on popular methods of branding. Any tool or information you can use is always beneficial. But the real accomplishment, and ways a really good marketer makes money, is usually by expanding on, or improving someone else’s ideas. When you read the following article on viral marketing, you may want to keep this in mind.

On Viral Marketing Instant Branding

Friday, August 22, 2008

Press Releases, Articles & Blogs

There has been a lot of recent activity on the “WAHM,” or work at home mom site that has some noted potential, especially my own posts. It is apparently press release time once again, (you should put out one or two every 6 months) and we are sharing many thoughts on the matter. This is not complicated stuff, but it can be of certain importance and hold a beneficial relationship between you and your visitors.

Whether you are new to Internet marketing, a trained and experienced professional, or just want to share news, this may-be for you. Covering certain topics or interests as it relates to 3rd person business news coverage, is always a worthwhile concern. I have written pages and articles on this topic that also provide links to sources of information that can help you out with your press release writing.

Release Writing Tips And Techniques

You may also option for someone or some company to write one for you. But I have found that the best way to do this is by trial and error. It is also the least expensive way as well, as there are many free press release Sites in order to submit to. All in all, here is a thread to a topic on the “wahm forum” that I am sure you will find of interest. Many people including myself have taken the time to post here in order to help others, so I hope you find it informative and helpful.

forum Article & Blog Submission Sites / Press Release Info.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Work At Home Daddy / Mommy

Not much support has been given, or even generically considered when it comes to the work at home dad. The majority of ads and topics connecting work at home parents, usually centers around the “Mommy’ side of this scoped relationship. As the evolution of working at home procures itself in it’s rapidly growing movement, more fathers including myself, are in need of support.

Actually whom am I trying to kid here? Us men, have a certain understanding of the rules of natural progress that most Women will never understand, and vise versa. This is what connects gender to the basic fundamentals of home business growth. And understanding this concept can make anyone a better marketer. Since the beginning of time, Women as well as Men, have been able to target each other both emotionally and physically, and the masters of this concept, can and do, make money!

Making money online is not Rocket Science. It is a basic formula for success derived from an understanding of how the markets work, and how your target audience will respond to your offerings. Be it online or off, I know what most Women like to see or read about. This was simply achieved by the ad testing I have done, and I know what works the same way with Male targeted ads. If you are stuck for ideas, just watch a few late night TV ads. They work, and you can actually implement the same basic structure!!!

The work from home Dad offers a unique mechanism that is not always present with the work at home mommy. This can include but not always limited to, other ways of looking at marketing in general, but also not limited to the special inherited instinctive understanding of mechanical support! Home Business is, and always be, a test of how well you can actually read your targeted clients inclinations and habits. Whether Male or Female, the proof is in the Analytical side of most ventures, and if implemented properly, your target audience will not know what hit them!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Making Money From Work At Home

Everyone wants to know the answer to the big question of how do I make money working from home. You are not alone, and indeed want proof that it actually can be done. Well it can be done and there is a lot of proof and evidence of many people who have paid their dues, and now reap the work at home benefits.

The road most of us travel to get there is not always an easy one. Finding a home business well suited to your individual lifestyle or talents are not always easy. Any new Entrepreneur looking to start their own home business is usually aware of this challenge, but lets take a realistic approach to the idea of making money by working at home. After all if you are Unrealistic with our approach, you are most likely doomed to failure. Here is why…

Most of the get rich quick ads you see online are advertising opportunities, to sell an opportunity. MLM is notorious for this concept, and one I always recommend staying away from. That is not to say you cannot make money from MLM. Or Multi Level Marketing, but most concepts or structures related to such enterprises, really offer nothing of real value, or any tangible product that is useful or in high demand. This is just my experience, and people who say MLM is a good way to make money online have blasted me.

Note: I am speaking from personal experience here as I have used many MLM companies, (actually they have used me) to no avail! This is not saying that every MLM Program is dishonest, just most of them or 99% worth.

Money doublers are even worse. These fall under unspecific categories and cater to gamblers and people who are hard up for fast money. It is also for people who do not want to work at anything involving effort on their part, or creating a home business plan and taking proper initiative. This is a losing prospect as well, and when you come across one of these operations, You Will Not Always Know It! You just will not admit it, as most of us have become suckers to these schemes! So where do you go now to achieve success.

Note: Money Doublers eventually always collapse because the payout cannot be sustained to the so-called investors. Hyips are similar in fashion, but they are all scams

Find what you are good at and go from there. Home business is everywhere, be it online or off. Probably one of the best ways to make money online is to join a really good affiliate program. And remember to do your homework by using search and asking questions! Working from home involves a ton of options related to who you are and your abilities to carry through certain tasks. Become involved in Forums and the Internet Community, is a great idea as well. And read those articles and posts!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Home Business Projects

Working at home has always been an ultimate passion of mine. From growing up on a farm as a home business, to realizing dreams of offshoot business opportunities, the work from home environment will always hold the true meaning of Freedom in my heart! Whether it is selling home gardening products, flowers, or being involved in home landscaping projects, this is the way to go!

Practically anyone can sell something, and Internet Marketing is not much different. I t may be a time consuming endeavor, but compared to most brick and mortar businesses, it is a no brainer! But if you are hard pressed for a more physical activity, you may be surprised at what you may come up with locally. If you are handy and can operate a lawnmower, you can cut some grass. Work = Money, period.

I know people who have started their own painting business, not hard to do! Student painters are all the rage now, but tend to do a piss poor job at that. I bet you can do better! I myself have taken on the occasional painting/home landscaping project, and if you do a good job, word of mouth ensures more customers. Imagine that…

Working at home on your computer, as a business is not that different indeed. You must apply yourself, do a good job, and satisfy your customer, or whomever you may be selling to.

These are the tactics any work from home entrepreneur must study and comply with, to a certain, and knowledgeable degree of persistence. So what does painting, landscaping, or even lawn mowing or farming have to do with Internet Marketing? Probably more than you might care to think about. And if we may consider alternatives derived from our mentors. These are the people who are successful work from home business Marketers, who have established a home based, or home office working environment,

We should also consider this. What do you want from the World Wide Web? Obviously if you are here reading this you probably wish to make more money! This is a rare question not posed very often, and in fact not geared towards any one in particular, because, you the reader, must justify and come to your own understanding of what exactly, it is you desire!

Because any head can point someone in the direction of many business opportunities, but if that individual does not have aptitude and drive to accomplish, it is a wasted endeavor. Hence, the do nothing opportunities, or Matrix Scams which are so obviously rampant and overbearing these days.

This is Internet Marketing! A work from home relationship, that can make or break your business, if one chooses the wrong path to follow. Same as the online/offline mechanics of a never ending struggle to succeed in our home business. So what is your Niche? Define it, and use it, because your business Making decisions and goals will ultimately depend upon it! In the end, it will be entirely up to you, and this will of course be your own strategy, made by your own observations.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Bit Of History

I currently work from home and have enjoyed doing so for more than 7 years. I guess I am not a real seasoned veteran so to speak, but I do make money.

It all started with an ad in the paper for a free to join home job. I thought that I would give it a try, as it was a company that had been in business over a decade, and was a member in good standing with the better business bureau!

A lot of people say that you should never have to pay for a work from home job and for the most part this is true. But I also found that paying money or investing in advertising has paid off big for myself, as long as you use the proper methods, ad placement, ad copy etc. This comes with experience, and this is where a lot of people eventually fail and give up their dream. This in the early years happened to me, but it was minimal as I didn't get carried away with advertising and knew my limitations according to budget planning!

Practically every move one makes in their home business can and will be a calculated risk. This is the best part of being your own Boss however, as you call the shots, but also are the one that is at fault when something does not work.

Over the years I have joined many opportunities including Scams. But I soon learned the too good to be true rule, and the proper methods of due diligence. (Always use Search/Google when checking something out) as you may find much feedback, especially in Forums about any prospective opportunity or home job you wish to join.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Free Website Management

Being new to website management myself, I can fully understand how the home business entrepreneur feels when subjected to terms such as HTML, or FTP. However, with the proper resources at hand, these and other terms of the trade need not become a foreign language. The subject of Website creation and management only needs to be understood.

Welcome to the new millennium. In this day and age you can kiss the need for understanding programming goodbye! There are several useful Website management and creation tools available, that require no programming knowledge, yet have the capability to create professional quality and easy to navigate Websites in very little time. I would like to make clear at this point that I do not have any affiliation with the following products or endorse them in any way. However, it would be impossible for me to not mention them in order for you to learn of their existence and what I am writing about in this article. With that said, lets move on.

I would like to start with an overview of a product I have now used and am reasonably familiar with. It's Microsoft Front Page, an award winning Web site creation tool that is easy to use and requires no knowledge of programming. Many other programs are now available such as Dream weaver or the Print Shop. I am less familiar with the functions of these two, but know people who use them effectively. Each product offers a wide variety of functionality.

Taking the Front Page tutorial, in my opinion, is probably the best way for anyone new, to get acquainted with the functions and capabilities of modern Website management and or design. A two-lesson practice feature, which includes a folder of files, allows you to create a useful series of pages for demonstration purposes. An answer wizard is also included, providing answers to questions you may have along the way. You can also check your spelling with the click of a mouse. Cool, eh.

Taking time to understand the functions of these Web tools can pay off big! The easy to understand instructions will have you pointing and clicking in no time, and after you learn the basics, the rest should come naturally. It did for me. And with a little practice and effort, it can become a vital home business tool with no need to hire a Web designer or programmer. Think of the possibilities!

If you own a Website, it can be imported and managed quite easily. You can also create more pages and content in very little time. If you are just starting out, or you do not have a site, FrontPage has a variety templates available or you can design you're own home page from scratch. Different themes and color schemes can also be customized in a unique fashion until you find the one you like. This is a dream come true for the average Website owner with little computer knowledge!

Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML, is simply a language using tags to show web browsers how to display such elements like text and graphics. Modern day design tools read and write HTML files with no required knowledge of the HTML language on your part. You can also add HTML code and convert it to text or vice-versa. People who are more experienced in Website management may want to edit their pages using HTML code for special or unique applications.

File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is just the way it sounds. It's another great tool that uses the Internet to transfer files from one computer to another. Several free or trial versions are available. You should search this too because you may find something I haven't. My favorite is AceFTP. It is simple to use and understand, loaded with features, and best of all free!

The above paragraphs may contain a lot of old news for some people, even myself now. But it would have been of certain benefit to myself when first starting out in the business of online marketing, to of had at least some of this knowledge. The Internet contains a wealth of valuable resources on almost any topic you are interested in, from website management, to design. Use the major search engines to find answers to your questions, or visit sites such as to get more information.

If this article helps but a few people solve some of their Website related problems, or answers a few related questions, then it was worth the effort of writing. It was never my intention to portray myself as an expert in this field, but to provide a logical alternative to purchasing Website management designers and Site builders, although they do have their place in corporate structure. But with a little research and effort on your part, I think that it's all in the will to succeed.

Helpful Resources: Getting Started With Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Website management 101

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Same Old Email Methods That Used To Work

The world of Internet marketing really hasn’t changed much. Content is still King, and inbound links will always give you traffic, and help SEO rankings. Getting your site or Program recognized and making it profitable takes time, and is an ongoing process! However, Email marketing as far as I’m concerned has, and always will be, a gamble for the small business owner.

Ever since I stopped using email marketing as a strategy for building traffic and sales, my profits have steadily increased. This is counter to what most people will tell you or try to sell you, as you may of heard that email lists are Gold. That may be true for some big time Sites that are run by several people, and offer many new products every month. But for the average small to mid sized marketer, getting hits to their Website or affiliate link probably takes priority. I know it does for me. And without the burden of emailing, I have more time to do it.

What is the point of running an email auto responder list without traffic? Who will opt in or double opt in, as it is required these days, to receive yet another lame sales pitch. Prospects hate unwanted and poorly published emails the same way they hate taxes! Both are annoying and you just wish they would go away. But most people still get suckered into the list building hype and targeted prospect spiel. I know I have, and I spent lots of money on it too! Setting my pride aside, I realized that practically no one, including myself, would want the emails I used to send out usually on a daily basis. But that is only if they did get through, thanks to Spam blockers.

Never fall for the automated newsletter affiliate scam scenario. These deals are everywhere, and seem especially prominent where MLM is concerned. What these foul balls try and do, is rent out auto responders, sometimes complete with Marketing articles, and sell you a list of “pre qualified” double opt in prospects, that you can send their junky overused and unoriginal email messages to. You just have to fill in your affiliate link where appropriate. The especially foul part about this is, these companies sell the same leads to multiple list buyers, so I guess you see what happens next… But people like this way of Marketing because it involves very little effort. And that is why it doesn’t work!!!

If you are a decent writer and have a Website with new (at least monthly) products, or can at the very least, write useful and original articles, then a newsletter may be for you. Personally I find it too time consuming and not very profitable, probably because of my Niche, and the type of sites I publish. And that is my opinion based on my experience with email Marketing.

This is also why I use other companies free newsletter signups that I am affiliated with. By having my affiliate link imbedded in them, I can still turn a profit while they do the work and maintenance!

Special Note:With the advent of RSS and automated content feeds, email marketing is most certainly an obsolete option preyed upon mostly by scammers and Guru’s trying to make a buck off the old system. This is not saying that email-marketing techniques have no place, as many marketers who properly implement these systems with the right products, can and do make money.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Work From Home Affiliates

The major function of the work from home affiliate is that of a referral, or reference partner. This is probably the easiest and less costly way for a work at home entrepreneur to get started with an online business. Making money on the Internet, usually involves online participation with a company or program that has some sort of legitimate offer or product. Practically everyone involved in any ongoing Internet Marketing program at some point will use some sort of ad campaign.

The only thing standing in your way to success is how to find, where to find, and what products to market. Products that are in great demand and have a descent % of revenue, will give you a descent commission according to certain factors. Lets face it. Any home business entrepreneur wants to make x number of dollars within a certain time period, with x amount of time put in. These are the factors that are strategically important to making your work from home business prosper.

The choice of good to excellent keywords entered into ads and ad copy you write, also play into this equation. For the most part, well, most peoples ads suck, and there is an over abundance of them. That is because most home business entities are not taken seriously. Any home job is an entity that needs to be taken seriously, and not lightly. You need to understand that if you want attention to your affiliate based ads, you need to be different in the way you write them. This is the difference that separates the winners, from the people who were never meant to be entrepreneurs.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Work At Home Plan

In this edition I would like to focus a bit on what is good, and what is a bad plan of action to take as a new to the web work at home entrepreneur. There is no shortage of good affiliate programs on the web, as well as no shortage of bad one’s…

Work at Home is, and can be a composite entity of many variables and complicated factors in a never-ending struggle of finding the perfect online/offline home job solution. One must weigh their options as such, and decide if such an enterprise is suitable for their lifestyle. A more in-depth understanding of said definition can be broken down into several parts or sections.

Firstly, and most importantly, the work at home enthusiast is most likely geared towards the prospect of more money, and or, a better and stable future. This can, and ultimately will be accomplished with a better understanding of what a work at home business is all about. After all, it will be your business, not someone else’s! Even if you do online surveys, Data entry, wholesale drop shipping, sell products and items, or publish Information from a website, it is always a structure in need of attention and hard work… as the term “Work,” is the caveat in this situation.

An overwhelming percentage of people looking for a work at home job, are usually introduced to the fast growing, and ever “scammy,” Internet Marketing arena. Many of these Online work at home ventures are usually full of fraud and trickery, leaving only a small percentage of valid home business programs available only, to the fortunate one’s who find them.

Having to pay for an online job opportunity should be a ‘red flag’ for anyone trying to find an online work at home job! Successful work at home affiliates are not uncommon, however most people do not have a reasonable understanding of what is expected of them when joining such a program, because it usually involves work, and a reasonable commitment of both time and effort!

A good place for any home working entrepreneur to start would be no cost home job opportunities that are Free to join. There are many valid companies and Affiliate Programs available Online that are Better Business Bureau endorsed! These entities provide realistic ways to generate online commissions based income.

This is what any serious home-based business opportunist/entrepreneur needs to embrace, and form an established and permanent grounding to. Being involved with a solid and reputable long term company, is you life line to long term home business growth, and ultimately your own long term work at home success!