Friday, September 5, 2008

Directory submission service

Submitting your Website to directories is a good way to build links to your business offerings or affiliate programs. Directory submissions can also get you more organic traffic, although not as good as the popular search engines, they can serve the purpose of increasing your popularity with them. There are also hundreds of free directories to submit your Site, but this can be a tedious and time-consuming task.

So just as the title of this segment suggests, I opted to use a directory
submission service. I am always very leery about using mostly any service that
is offered, especially online. But the thought of submitting to hundreds of
directories made me queasy, so I decided to farm this task out. This was a
decision made after reading about an offering from a company that caters to
directory submission, and after doing some research on
I bought a package deal of 150 inclusions for around $37.00.

So far so good, and I am receiving emails from directory publishers notifying me of inclusions into their Sites. This means that something is happening, and that they are indeed carrying through on their offer. Because of the fact that some companies or Individuals do not, I will keep an update posted here on the progress of this submission service, and relay my thoughts and experiences accordingly. In my opinion and after all things considered, a professional directory submission service that gets results at a fair price, is well worth it.

Note: I have chosen the slow submission mode that they offer, so as not to arouse suspicion with the S.E’s that may make me look like a Spam Site.

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