Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Strategies, Optimization, & Building More Of Everything

You will find some interesting information at sites like Canadian
business .com
and because I am Canadian, I recommend it as a great resource
that has many fine articles related to general business topics. You can also ask
experts like Calvin Leung, questions concerning your home business. This is
information, that needs not to be overlooked. As always try to gain as much
insight and expose yourself to as many new ideas as possible.

I just received an email from Wilson web with some new insights concerning web
marketing. This features some great topics such as getting your site listed on
Wikipedia, rethinking search key phrases, analytics, and optimizing your Web
presence for search. There are a lot of good tips and strategies you will find
here, and best of all it is free information. Most people will pay for less
useful promotional hype, but this is the real deal! Web
Marketing Today

I have also found some new sources for your home biz that not only
provide you with great information, but some nice tasty links that you can use
when commenting. This may be of great interest to you. I am currently analyzing home
business links and sources, so stay tuned for next weeks weekly update because I
promise that it will be an Entrepreneurs candy-land. Even the well informed and
experienced home based marketing pro’s need new and up to date sources on a
constant basis, so we all know what to expect…

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