Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Weeks Weekly Update

If you have ever been banned from your favorite blog, comment area from too many posts or otherwise, do not get wholehearted and too concerned. You can go to This is also great for hiding affiliate links, masking a banned url, or just simply re-directing traffic, or other ideas you may come up with. But on the subject of hiding your affiliate link, (the code you use to prove sales,) I have never been inclined to really use it. This is probably due to the fact that I use my own Website mostly to monetize my traffic, and make sales through my programs and so forth.

The many advantages of publishing your own Website are numerous, and only a fool would not take into account the pros, or weigh the options associated with it. I have also stated many times to date, that you can make money without a Website. But take a good look at any Internet Marketer who actually makes big money at this type of venture. Most in fact own Websites in the plural form, and with the available options of the ever-growing online community, even children are doing it!

But you can also direct your traffic to a blog, it is just usually less personal, especially the free ones, and even more so if you have to use the long URL approach. But this can also be a factor with Web entities these days, as the availability for good domain names has become increasingly rare, that is if you want a “.com.” The “.com” is most popular because it is easier to remember, and the first on the www. scene, or the advent of the World Wide Web.

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