Thursday, September 11, 2008

Directory Submission Update

The directory submission service I talked about last week was, in my opinion, a pretty good investment. I received plenty of emails from directory owners / publishers, and I did not expect to receive mailings from all of them. This in my understanding and experience is because not all directories require email confirmation. But I am still receiving inclusion confirmations just the same, as some directories take a little longer for review.

I would also like to share with
you another little tidbit of information for those of you considering
email-marketing tactics. I have never been big on the idea of maintaining an
ezine list, or subscriber list just because of the extra workload. But this is
apparently the way a lot of experienced marketers make money. I will be
investigating more email market tactics in the near future as well. You can here
a good Webinar interview about this subject here


Just scroll down to half the page on the right hand side to Free Training
Webinar, and click the Download option.

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