Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Same Old Email Methods That Used To Work

The world of Internet marketing really hasn’t changed much. Content is still King, and inbound links will always give you traffic, and help SEO rankings. Getting your site or Program recognized and making it profitable takes time, and is an ongoing process! However, Email marketing as far as I’m concerned has, and always will be, a gamble for the small business owner.

Ever since I stopped using email marketing as a strategy for building traffic and sales, my profits have steadily increased. This is counter to what most people will tell you or try to sell you, as you may of heard that email lists are Gold. That may be true for some big time Sites that are run by several people, and offer many new products every month. But for the average small to mid sized marketer, getting hits to their Website or affiliate link probably takes priority. I know it does for me. And without the burden of emailing, I have more time to do it.

What is the point of running an email auto responder list without traffic? Who will opt in or double opt in, as it is required these days, to receive yet another lame sales pitch. Prospects hate unwanted and poorly published emails the same way they hate taxes! Both are annoying and you just wish they would go away. But most people still get suckered into the list building hype and targeted prospect spiel. I know I have, and I spent lots of money on it too! Setting my pride aside, I realized that practically no one, including myself, would want the emails I used to send out usually on a daily basis. But that is only if they did get through, thanks to Spam blockers.

Never fall for the automated newsletter affiliate scam scenario. These deals are everywhere, and seem especially prominent where MLM is concerned. What these foul balls try and do, is rent out auto responders, sometimes complete with Marketing articles, and sell you a list of “pre qualified” double opt in prospects, that you can send their junky overused and unoriginal email messages to. You just have to fill in your affiliate link where appropriate. The especially foul part about this is, these companies sell the same leads to multiple list buyers, so I guess you see what happens next… But people like this way of Marketing because it involves very little effort. And that is why it doesn’t work!!!

If you are a decent writer and have a Website with new (at least monthly) products, or can at the very least, write useful and original articles, then a newsletter may be for you. Personally I find it too time consuming and not very profitable, probably because of my Niche, and the type of sites I publish. And that is my opinion based on my experience with email Marketing.

This is also why I use other companies free newsletter signups that I am affiliated with. By having my affiliate link imbedded in them, I can still turn a profit while they do the work and maintenance!

Special Note:With the advent of RSS and automated content feeds, email marketing is most certainly an obsolete option preyed upon mostly by scammers and Guru’s trying to make a buck off the old system. This is not saying that email-marketing techniques have no place, as many marketers who properly implement these systems with the right products, can and do make money.

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