Monday, December 8, 2008

Home Based Solitude

Working from home on the computer has many advantages over the daily commute to the office, or other. And unless you have been living in the past, this for many of you is not new information. What is new in regards to home business is the way in which the ease of evolution has made it more convenient and vastly easier to start an online business.

I was very perplexed to read the other day about a person who did not enjoy the work at home atmosphere. She said that she enjoyed all the benefits associated with working at home, but missed the social aspect of interacting with friends from the office. No appreciation for something that most everyone want, home based solitude away from the rat race... Is she one of those weird people?

Practically any party you may attend will usually get to the topic of work, or what you do to survive, or how you make your money. And quite often the conversation will turn negative when co-workers are mentioned, or put into the picture. I can surely attest to this as it happens quite frequently, and I myself am no stranger to the horrible trade of bad mouthing co-workers. Past tense of course, because I am now able to work at home, be my own Boss, and function accordingly.

Working with others sucks, because most people usually do not have the option of whom they get to work with. But if you are fortunate enough to like the person you work with, you are very lucky indeed. Either that, or you are one of those people that piss-off the other person you work with, rightly so. I love my home-based solitude, and hope it never ends.

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