Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Work At Home Daddy / Mommy

Not much support has been given, or even generically considered when it comes to the work at home dad. The majority of ads and topics connecting work at home parents, usually centers around the “Mommy’ side of this scoped relationship. As the evolution of working at home procures itself in it’s rapidly growing movement, more fathers including myself, are in need of support.

Actually whom am I trying to kid here? Us men, have a certain understanding of the rules of natural progress that most Women will never understand, and vise versa. This is what connects gender to the basic fundamentals of home business growth. And understanding this concept can make anyone a better marketer. Since the beginning of time, Women as well as Men, have been able to target each other both emotionally and physically, and the masters of this concept, can and do, make money!

Making money online is not Rocket Science. It is a basic formula for success derived from an understanding of how the markets work, and how your target audience will respond to your offerings. Be it online or off, I know what most Women like to see or read about. This was simply achieved by the ad testing I have done, and I know what works the same way with Male targeted ads. If you are stuck for ideas, just watch a few late night TV ads. They work, and you can actually implement the same basic structure!!!

The work from home Dad offers a unique mechanism that is not always present with the work at home mommy. This can include but not always limited to, other ways of looking at marketing in general, but also not limited to the special inherited instinctive understanding of mechanical support! Home Business is, and always be, a test of how well you can actually read your targeted clients inclinations and habits. Whether Male or Female, the proof is in the Analytical side of most ventures, and if implemented properly, your target audience will not know what hit them!

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