Sunday, April 19, 2009

Plagiarism And Your Website Part 2

I have not posted lately to my Blog, but I want to post a new update concerning plagiarism. I talked about plagiarism and your Website, and introduced to you a very handy tool for checking out if you are a victim.

The fact of the matter and caveat here is if you are an original content publisher with a great Web presence that achieves good search engine rankings, your Website and content may be in jeopardy. This will also harm your rank in SE listings, and may even make your Site less credible

Duplicate content can harm your Website by making it less original, and therefore less attractive for informational purposes. This is what the Search Engines try and accomplish. They want to provide fresh and original content, laid out by webmasters and publishers with new and pertinent information to offer their visitors. This has always been a standard observed by many veteran Publishers.

People who plagiarize Websites are fools that get no-where with their deceitful actions. Calling someone’s work your own is a low form tactic usually used by con artists, and people too lazy to write their own material or articles. But they will always be out there and deal us their foul renderings. So we need to be diligent with our content and check it periodically. Check the article below for more information regarding this topic.



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